Job: Peer Recovery Specialist with Bridging the Gaps, Inc.- Winchester

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Peer Recovery Specialist
Bridging the Gaps, Inc.- Winchester, VA

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Provides peer support services under direct supervision (group and/or individual). May lead to coordination of all aspects of peer treatment.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Nonclinical peer-to-peer activities that engage, educate, and support an individual’s self-help efforts to improve health recovery resilience and wellness. Duties include:

Provide collaborative services to individuals in achieving sustained recovery from the disease of addiction;
Provide face to face interaction that supports an individual achieving their self-identified level of recovery, wellness, independence and personal strength;
Share effective and positive strategies for developing coping skills and wellness tools related to overcoming the effects of having a trauma, a substance use disorder, or a mental health challenge;
Clarify and enhance self-advocacy skills. Encourage peers to develop independent behavior that is based on informed choice; assisting peers in developing empowerment skills through self-advocacy;
Provide trained peer-to-peer support in groups encouraging and supporting self-directed participation;
Mentor community integration activities (one-to-one or in groups);
Provide emotional support during the acquisition, exploration and sustaining of employment and/or educational services;
Promote the use of self-directed recovery and wellness tools in individualized treatment planning;
Review progress and update plans at intervals based upon program requirement;
Coordinate peer treatment with the Clinical Team, program coordinators and other staff as appropriate;
Deliver Living Skills, Spirituality, Big Book Study and other components of peer treatment as directed;
Present educational lectures for peer groups as directed;
Participate in in-service trainings; presents on topics of expertise as requested;
Complete documentation and reports in a legible, accurate and timely fashion; and
Attend treatment team and program development meetings.

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