Continuing Ed: Recovery Coaching and Professionalism – Apr 23-24 – Annandale


Now that recovery coaches are being recognized as having such a profound impact in recovery, many more organizations are looking to hire coaches. Coaches that can easily demonstrate a high level of professionalism may easily assimilate into these new exciting employment opportunities.

Center for Addiction Recovery Training (CCAR) has built this training program to support coaches ability to regularly refine their craft of actively listening, asking good questions and managing their own stuff. Jan Brown of SpiritWorks Foundation, our presenter, embodies these high standards of excellence for our training and expectations of what we feel make good Recovery Coaches.

Currently, the landscape of where Recovery Coaches are available has changed. Typically you’d find Recovery Coaches at your local recovery community centers, but now we are seeing a greater need for skilled coaches to work in other professional settings, such as hospitals, treatment facilities, police stations and court systems. In response to the demand, CART has developed what we think will be a highly utilized and sought after training program for Recovery Coaches looking to work or are working within professional settings.

This program is delivered by Jan Brown of SpiritWorks Foundation, with funding from Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services in partnership with Laurie Mitchell Empowerment and Career Center and Fairfax Falls Church Community Services Board.


Define professionalism as it pertains to recovery coaching;
Learn about and develop the various characteristics that a professional possesses;
Understand their personal accountabilities in their role as recovery coaches;
Learn the importance of the concept “stay in their lane” when it comes to working in a large system, like a hospital, court and/or treatment system;
Reexamine the roles of a recovery coach in order to maintain good boundaries when working in professional settings;
Have opportunities to practice and demonstrate newly acquired skills.

Registration for 2 days, April 23-24, in Annandale by clicking this link:…

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