Recovery Ally Trainings (with Train the Trainer) – Nov 2019 – Abingdon & Richmond
August 23, 2019
November 11th, Richmond, VA
November 18th, Abingdon, VA


Free, Up to 6 CEUs available


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About the training:
This training is based on a 3 hour training that we have developed at Virginia Commonwealth University to train faculty and staff to become Recovery Allies. This extended version of the training covers additional topics including Health Care Providers, Employers, introductory Motivational Interviewing Skills, recovery messaging in addition to the regular topics which included navigating specific situations, addiction as a brain disease, Ally behavior, Recovery as an ongoing process, paths to recovery and more.


This training is very interactive and is meant to provide a great starting point to supporting people struggling with substance use disorders. Additionally, for people already active in the treatment and recovery worlds, this training will provide a number of tools that they can take back to their communities in order to make those communities more recoveryready. Participants who stay for the train the trainer will have access to all slides and are encouraged to adapt the training to meet their needs. Because it will be a modular training, the training is designed to allow trainers to select the sections most helpful to their target community and that fit into the time allotted.


Audience: All are welcome. This training is a very helpful primer as a family member, lay person, friend, employer, health care provider etc. For people with limited exposure to treatment or recovery, it can provide some great starting points. For professionals or people with a great deal of lived experience, it will provide a set of slides, tools and approaches that may be helpful with clients or family members or may provide an easy way to train community members to be part of the solution. Because the training is conversation driven, professionals can often be particularly helpful to other participants during the training.


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