Training: CPRS Train the Trainer – SW VA

An opportunity for Southwest VA Certified Peer Recovery Specialists who are interested in becoming Peer Certification Trainers…

As Peer Supports become mandatory services for CSBs by the year 2021, Southwest Virginia is interested in increasing its Peer Workforce. To do this, more trainers are needed. Mark Blackwell and Mary McQuown of the DBHDS Office of Recovery Services are willing to provide an additional Train the Trainer event for CPRS living in Southwest VA.

The Train the Trainer training will take 3 days. There will be room for up to 12 participants. There will be a screening process, and best candidates for this intensive training should have skills in presenting, leading groups, teaching, etc. We would expect participants (or their sponsoring agency) to cover the travel and meals expense.

Once the CPRS has successfully completed the Trainer program, they will be required to provide one free training for 12 participants in the area. After that, the Trainers are independently free to schedule trainings for fees.

Please fill out the application including the Trainer Application Experience Chart. Return them to Mary McQuown with a copy to Angela Scott as soon as possible.

Preference will be given to those who live in Southwest VA/ Region 3.

Dates and location of training is to be determined after screening and selecting applicants.

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