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Myths Surrounding Vulnerability

BlogMyths Surrounding VulnerabilityHave you ever cringed at the word vulnerability? Does it make you feel weak? Have you ever thought that vulnerability is overrated and for other people? I have. I’ll admit it. At times, I hate being vulnerable. Why? Because it’s...

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Empowerment Skills Part 2

BlogEmpowerment Skills Part 2Last week, we learned about empowerment skills. We learned that He-Man had empowerment. We laughed at that. But it was/is true. Yes, He-Man still exists just like a certain individual of size living in a cold place who dispenses free...

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Empowerment Skills Part 1

BlogEmpowerment Skills Part 1“By the Power of GraySkull…He-Man!” Ah the glories of ‘80’s cartoons. Most of my friends were He-Man fans. For those of you unfamiliar with this hero of old, He-Man was a regular dude who had special powers and a special sword that turned...

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