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5 Rewards of Being a Peer Recovery Specialist

Blog5 Rewards of Being a Peer Recovery SpecialistMy first job was at a sub shop just three blocks away from my house. I was 15. Unlike my lazy, slob friends, I kid, sort of, I begged my parents to let me get a job. Bad idea. I haven’t stopped working since. That was...

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The Importance of Confidentiality in Peer Support

BlogThe Importance of Confidentiality in Peer Support“We are only as sick as our secrets” - Alcoholics Anonymous“Secret, secret I’ve got a secret” - Styx Why disclose your secrets to someone or your deepest problems? Because we are not meant to carry the load by...

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Myths Surrounding Vulnerability Part 2

BlogMyths Surrounding Vulnerability Part 2Sshh. Fun Fact: I was not planning on writing a second blog article about vulnerability. I just did not want to be more vulnerable with you, dear reader. See what I did there? BOOM! Never saw it coming, did you? After writing...

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