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Mind Your Mindset

BlogMind Your Mindset   Mindset is everything. Proof: scientists have proven that Buddhist monks deep in meditation can raise the temperature in their fingers and toes. In a study published in the prestigious journal Nature, it was reported that, while...

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The Science of Gratitude

BlogThe Science of Gratitude   As we approach Thanksgiving this week, let's give thanks to all the turkeys who bravely give their lives so that we can have a tryptophan-sponsored nap (or several)!  **This just in: Apparently, turkey’s are NOT grateful for...

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Why the Five Whys

BlogWhy the Five Whys? When I was a kid, my favorite question to ask was ‘why’. Why? I don’t know why. See what I did there? *Crickets* (Note to self: stop using that joke).  Seriously though, as peer recovery specialists, we are engaged in a noble mission: support...

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Follow to Lead

BlogFollow to Lead Why would someone want to be a leader? To utilize their gifts and talents to effect positive change in the world? To guide people who need it into a better version of themselves? To control other people? To make their organization run more smoothly...

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Empty Pockets, Heartache and Failures, Oh My!

BlogEmpty Pockets, Heartache and Failure, Oh My! EMPTY POCKETS: A contained space found on trousers and jeans, and the like, and are used often to hold money and coins for future purchases, chapstick, cellphones, chewing gum, chew, and an assortment of other essential...

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Fail Forward

BlogFail Forward FAIL: “Be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal. Neglect to do something.” Have you ever failed? It’s you and me here, don’t worry about it, I will tell everyone. I mean, wait, I won’t tell everyone. Yeah, that’s it. Sorry, I got confused. Ok, I’m...

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Confidence University

BlogConfidence University Welcome to Confidence University, we are so glad you're here! Wouldn't it be great if there was such a place? You enroll and then see that every class will make you more confident than the one before and so on until you walk across that stage...

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