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The Fine Art of Toothpicking

BlogThe Fine Art of Toothpicking   Yes, I know that is why you are reading this article. Why do you think I picked that title? I am a sneaky blogger. But now to the content before you figure out the bait and switch! I was sitting here at my computer and looked...

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When You Know, You Know

BlogWhen You Know, You Know   Know what? That is a good question! It could be anything. Usually this statement refers to people falling in love with one another exclaiming, “when you know, you know!” What that usually means is we fell head over heels in love at...

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Resenting Resentment

BlogResenting Resentment   If you did not read my last blog post, I will never speak to you again. Wait? I never spoke to you in the first place. Dear Reader, allow me to apologize and introduce myself! I am the author of this blog. My last blog title was a play...

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Accepting Acceptance

BlogAccepting Acceptance   “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today” starts a story in the back of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. While written to those who admitted they have a problem with alcohol, the principle applies regardless of who we are or...

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The Power of the Puddle

BlogThe Power of the Puddle   Do you have an affinity for puddles? I do depending on the puddle and its placement in my life. In particular, last night I went to dinner with a friend who drives a rather big truck. I got out the truck and my feet missed a massive...

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Headed for Heaven, Goodbye Hell

BlogHeaded for Heaven, Goodbye Hell   What kind of headline is that?!? Glad you asked. It wasn’t for shock value. You see it is exactly the nature of peer recovery specialist work. We are all on several journeys in this life. The journey of relationships. The...

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