Burned Out on Burn Out?

Burnout is real. Burning out on burnout is worse! This information below can really help in assessing and correcting burnout in your life and job as  PRS. There are 5 stages of burnout:

  1. Honeymoon Phase – You’ve gotten your 500 hours! Passed the 72 hour class! This is an AWESOME new adventure! 
  2. Onset of Stress Wow! PRS work is a lot of stress. Different dynamics. Different personalities. Successes and failures. But there is such joy in it too!
  3. Chronic Stress – Things start to get stale. Overwhelm. Feelings of anger, resentment, depression can rise up seemingly out of nowhere,
  4. Burnout – Self-doubt begins to rise. Unhealthy behavioral changes begin and can be self-destructive.
  5. Chronic Burnout – Tired. Exhausted. Done. Depression and fatigue are constant companions who are unwanted and uninvited. 

If you are anywhere near #4 and/or #5, it’s time to stop and evaluate your internal and external health so you don’t keep feeling like this…

Here are some suggestions to help you through your burnout/chronic burnout. Give yourself permission to:

  1. Say ‘no’ or ‘yes. Either way. It’s a complete sentence.
  2. Get adequate rest and hydration.
  3. Journal your feelings and/or familiarize yourself with a ‘Feelings Wheel’

~ Chris Newcomb


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