Confidence University

Welcome to Confidence University, we are so glad you’re here! Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a place? You enroll and then see that every class will make you more confident than the one before and so on until you walk across that stage and receive your Confidence Diploma. One can dream. 

Have you ever struggled with your confidence level? I have. For years. I think the most important step to building confidence is to make a decision to ‘be your own best friend’. What does that look like? It means that you decide to treat yourself just like you would your bestie. You pay attention to your needs. You take steps to get them met in appropriate ways. And you build yourself up just like you would build up a friend to make them feel better and more confident about themselves. You do that for yourself. 

“Fake it ’til you make it”! Ever heard that phrase? I think there is some merit to it but it is not easy and sometimes makes one feel like an imposter. I am not ‘it’ but I want to be ‘it’ so I will fake ‘it’ that I am ‘it’ until I become ‘it’. Whew. Overwhelming! 

However, there is an underlying message there when applied to building confidence: only you can make you confident. It is an inside job but we often look for external validation to somehow magically impart all the confidence we need. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with external validation and it can, in fact, build in some confidence. However, we still are stuck with our own thoughts and we can use them to our advantage to build our confidence.

Rock solid confidence is a choice. It is a belief.  Think the confident thoughts then the confident feelings will follow.Think the confident thoughts then the confident feelings will follow.Think the confident thoughts then the confident feelings will follow. Repetition is where progress is made. 

Let me encourage you: Take a moment when you can and write down everything it would take for you to feel the maximum amount of confidence you desire in your life. Be specific. Do not edit this as you write it all out because all of it is important. The right answer is the one that resonates best with you. 

**Some restrictions may apply. Summer school is a possibility if you don’t do your homework. 😉




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