Delivering Peer Support in Rural Settings with Robyn Hantelman

About the Episode

Date: January 24, 2023

Episode 16: Delivering Peer Support in Rural Settings with Robyn Hantelman


This podcast will discuss the issues and barriers that are experienced by peers who live in rural areas. One of the many challenges Peer Recovery Specialists face is providing support to peers from communities different from themselves. Learning the cultural beliefs and understanding the differences in perspective are crucial to make progress in peer support. Rural communities face their own challenges as it pertains to recovery and oftentimes do not have the support they need. This podcast will shed light on those issues to help dismantle those barriers.
Robyn Hantelman holds an M.Ed., R-CPRS, COAPS-T, MARS-T. She is a MAT Advocate, Harm Reductionist, Veteran Spouse and Mom in Recovery. In addition, Robyn is the co-founder of The ROOT Project (Rural Overdose and Outreach Team) and is an Emerging Leader in VCU Recovery Leadership Academy.


Robyn Hantelman
Goochland Powhatan Community Services
[email protected]
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