Staying Connected in a Syndemic
with Jason Cox

About the Episode

Date: February 9, 2021

Episode 7: Staying Connected in a Syndemic with Jason Cox


Fostering connection is a core tenet of peer support. In a syndemic, what are our options for building relationships and maintaining our support network? We talk about the successes and challenges of peer recovery support while in the midst of concurrent epidemics. 

Jason Cox

Jason Cox is the Lead Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with Alive RVA and SAARA of Virginia. He has worked alongside others in the community such as DEA, Discovery Education, SAFE Opioid Prevention Taskforce, and many others to assist in taking positive action in the community and reduce the stigma of SUD one step at a time. Jason is living in long-term recovery and plans to continue gaining knowledge to become the most effective Peer Recovery Specialist possible. Jason is truly grateful for the opportunity to give this knowledge to those who need help and seek recovery from substance use disorder and addiction.

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