Halfway There: Living on a Prayer
3 Reasons to Keep Going

*DISCLAIMER* The following musing is NOT only for those who identify as faith-based in a religious sense. It is for all people regardless of religious belief or lack thereof. I mean, it’s a Bon Jovi reference, relax, you’ll be just fine if you keep reading, I promise!!*

Yes, I stole it. Not really, though, because it’s got a colon in-between. Details. Today is Tuesday, May 16th, 2023. We are “halfway there”, as in, there is only half-a-month left in May, which is Mental Health Month. So, I have to write a blog about it before it’s gone!

Everyone has mental health. It is part of being human. We have it from the day we enter this beautiful world. The question becomes how consistent our mental health is day-to-day and the truth is that most people’s mental health fluctuates from time-to-time. And this does NOT mean one has to have a complete episode of falling apart and never being put back together again. That’s for Humpty Dumpty. Dumpty the Humpty, I say! Any egg that can’t keep it together does not deserve to be the main character in a children’s rhyme!

But how do we keep going if we feel like a cracked egg running down the castle wall that cannot be re-engineered back to wholeness. In other words, how do we keep going when it seems like there is no hope.

  1. Re-identify (or identify for the first time) Your Inspirations – If you want to stay motivated to keep going, you have to find inspiration. Google is your friend. Actually, Bard is your friend too. They are related. Bard is the A.I. engine of Google. Either will work. Type in something like “how to keep going” or “inspiring memes” or “motivational videos for when you want to quit”.
  2. Open Up to Safe, Supportive People – It is OK to ask for help! Mental Health Month is about asking for help just as much as it is about helping others. When you share your goals with safe, supportive people, you would be surprised how much fuel you can get back in your tank to continue on. Safe and supportive people will listen without judgment and will be your ally and cheerleader. Never share your goals and dreams with someone your intuition advises you not to trust with something as personal and precious as the goals and dreams you hold deep inside, because, whether you believe it or not they are precious. That’s why you dream about them. They are that important to you. I can prove it. I’m writing a blog about it…which I like to do, by the way. Listen to your gut. It doesn’t lie.
  3. Reject Mediocrity – When one is dwelling in mediocrity, they produce the bare minimum and it is usually of low quality, value, ability and/or performance. We’ve all been there (see my 2nd grade math scores). However, if you work on #1 and #2 of this list, this suggestion will be much easier to obtain.

Life is a marathon not a sprint. Do not give up. Be encouraged. We are all walking through this thing called life and we need each other. When you’re down, I’ll lend you a hand and when I’m down, stop kicking me. I kid. Help me to my feet and we’ll keep walking forward. Oh, and before I forget, to close out this blog…Ladies and Gentleman, Bon Jovi…

‘We gotta hold on to what we got
You live for the fight when that’s all that you got
Whoa, we’re halfway there.
Whoa, living on a prayer
Take my hand
We’ll make it I swear,
Whoa, living on a prayer*

The song has been streamed over 1 billion times on Spotify as has the video been played on YouTube. Check it out if you have never heard of it. You’re welcome.

Chris Newcomb

Chris Newcomb

VPRSN Coordinator

Chris Newcomb, M.Div., PRS, CPMC, CWF, CSSF is the VPRSN Coordinator on behalf of Mental Health America of Virginia. He holds a Bachelor in Psychology from Radford University and a Master of Divinity from Duke University. In his spare time, he is a singer/songwriter who loves to write new songs, practices Krav Maga, and enjoys time with family and friends.


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