New Year’s Revolution


Revolution (Noun): A sudden, complete or marked change in something

Did you say you want a revolution? The Beatles did! We’re 10 days into a brand new year. This is the time of year where people are asked about their new year’s resolution(s). Do you have any? If so, are you keeping them? Have you failed yet? (*wince*, sorry to ask, stick around though even if you have)

I don’t make resolutions. I choose personal revolution. As stated above, revolution is a, “sudden or complete change in something”, or someone, dare I say. Revolution, it seems, is created by resolutions that are turned into consistent action.

What is your revolution(s) for 2023? What flag(s) will you be waving high in the sky for people to see? What revolutionary ways will you seek to support the peers you encounter in 2023? Will you be the same as you were in 2022 or do you want to get even better at the craft of delivering top quality peer support to really help dramatically change lives.

Resolution (Noun): A firm decision to do or not to do something

We have to enthusiastically resolve in our minds and hearts the actions we want or don’t want to take if we are to spark a revolution in our personal and/or work lives. As Peer Specialists, the very nature of our work is to spark a revolution in the lives of those we support through encouragement, connection to helpful resources, and partnering with our peers to help them step into a revolution mindset and begin to adopt resolutions followed by consistent action should they choose to do so, of course, because we always honor free agency of our peers at all times. They will know when they are ready and they will tell us. Then the fun begins.

Not sure what to resolve to do in 2023? Here are a few example resolution “I” statements and a “Practice” suggestion. Feel free to create your own and/or say any of these out loud if they resonate with you!

  • I resolve to embrace excellence in all I do, understanding that while perfection can sometimes be achieved in certain areas of life, it is the exception more so than the rule.
    Practice: Fail at something. Try again. Love yourself anyway. Be kind to yourself. Repeat. See below.
  • I resolve to get back on the “horse of imperfection” every time I fall off without exception.
    Practice: I did not go to the gym today. So what. Get back on the horse. Go tomorrow.

So, let this year be the year of revolution. Let it be the year of resolution. And let it be the year to take massive action and grow professionally to higher levels as we support peers in need and watch their chrysalis happen right before our eyes and smile to know we had a small hand in helping them choose to fly.

Revolution + Resolution + Action = Change

~ Chris Newcomb



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